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Our Stories
Case Study 1: A father “Shimon” with 6 children came to us in a desperate situation. His house had been destroyed in a fire in 2009 and the two youngest children were badly injured. His wife had subsequently become mentally unstable and abandoned the family. Shimon has now become mother and father, looking after all the children; the injured children require constant care. His work has been badly affected and he is unable to either purchase or cook food. Ichlu Reim has become a refuge for him; every day, he takes home food for himself and his family.

Case Study 2:  “Sarah” has 5 children under the age of 12. Her husband has a back injury that severely impairs his ability to work, so his small business in  the center of Jerusalem became bankrupt.. Now, deeply in debt and unable to afford food, all the family comes to Ichlu Reim every day, and especially love the Friday night and Shabbat meals.

Case Study 3: ”Miriam” is in her early fifties, has diabetes as well as many other
extreme medical conditions. The high cost of her medication leaves her with no ability to purchase food and clothing. She cannot afford to go into a facility that can give her the intense care that she needs. At Ichlu Reim she was thrilled to receive clothes as well as hot, daily meals that are suited to her dietary requirements.

Case Study 4: One young man arrived at the doors of Ichlu Reim, in a very distressed state. He was born into a Palestinian Muslim family and as a teenager was traumatized by witnessing the horrific murder of his father and seven year old brother by Muslim extremists. His life was also in danger but he managed to escape. After many years and an extremely difficult journey he is converting to Judaism but sadly is without family, support or steady work. "Yehudah"  currently studies Judaism and has found sanctuary at Ichlu Reim and has been "adopted" by director Uriel, whom he visits every day and has provided him with food, clothing and support.

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