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Celebrate With Us

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We are now able to provide "at cost", "low cost" or even "no cost"celebrations such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs  engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, and Brit Mila (circumcision ) ceremonies. For each celebration and ceremony, Ichlu Reim offers the use of the synagogue, dining room, kitchen and cloakroom facilities. Great care is taken to  ensure appropriate religious observance of the necessary traditional elements. Details such as room decorations, table settings and, of course, menus enhance these happy occasions, encouraging guests and hosts to to increase the joyous atmosphere despite very limited individual resources.
Since Ichlu Reim opened its doors in the new premises, we have hosted 7 Britot ceremonies, two Bar- mitzvahs, three weddings and two Sheva Brachot.

At Ichlu Reim we are able to make our facilities available so that no matter what their circumstances everyone is able to celebrate, we make sure that major life events such as weddings, are turned into a time of joy and happiness.  "David" and "Esther's" beautiful wedding ceremony was performed in the Ichlu Reim synagogue.

It was a wonderful event with lots of great food, music and dancing, supported by our devoted volunteers both in front and behind the scenes.  Ichlu Reim are proud that we were able to fund and fulfil their dream to have a   memorable wedding, a great "Mitzva", following in the  deep-rooted Jewish tradition!"
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