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How You Can Help

We have been asked by the City authorities to increase the number of deliveries to the Holocaust survivors from once a week to twice or three times a week.  We do not have the financial resources as yet to be able to increase the number of such deliveries. The cost of an additional delivery would be approximately  ₪2,658.93 (£450,  $730.333) per week.


We have the opportunity to purchase a room, adjacent to the Ichlu Re’im facility, for use as a dental surgery at a cost of approximately ₪82,718.81 (£14,000, $22,718.38). Following such a purchase, fitting out the room would cost another ₪70,911.41 (£12,000, $19,472.90).


There is a need to offer local children the opportunity for after school activities at Ichlu Reim, where they can either brush up on their school subjects such as Maths, English etc or enjoy some art and craft activities, do their homework in a comfortable environment and enjoy a light snack, or more, before returning home. We have the space, but not the financial resources to offer this facility.


We would like to be able to offer some skill training and advice sessions to adults at Ichlu Reim. Once again, we have the space, but lack the financial resource to provide such services on a regular basis.


We also seek sponsorship to offer occasional family outings to places of interest and entertainment, which are particularly valuable experiences for otherwise housebound and isolated individuals and groups.

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