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What We Do

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Every day of the year Ichlu Reim  helps the community in so many different ways. Below you can see where the money you donate will be immediately used.
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Sunday - Thursday:  We serve a hot lunch to approximately 150 people in our dining room directly from our state of the art kitchen. A typical meal consists of meat, chicken or fish, rice, potatoes and other vegetables , a side dish of salad and a seasonal dessert.
Each meal served in the Dining Room costs about ₪19.50 (£3.30, $5.36)
Friday  night, Shabbat day  and Festivals: A traditional meal together with challah and wine is served in a family atmosphere to families and local people who might otherwise be alone at these times. At the present time, more than 50 people including children between the ages of 4 and 12 enjoy these festive meals hosted by Ichlu Reim’s founder and director Uriel Mallul and his own family. We believe that Ichlu Reim is unique in giving hospitality on Shabbat and Festivals
A typical such Shabbat meal costs about  ₪20.60 (£5.00, $8.12)
All the festivals are marked with similar celebration meals  and traditional customs. In 2010 an average of 100 people attended each Festival meal.
Holocaust survivors: Once a week, approximately 150 hot lunches are delivered to Holocaust survivors; elderly former citizens of the Soviet Union, many of whom are also World War II veterans. Currently, they live in a sheltered housing facility. Many are too frail to come to the Ichlu Reim dining room to share in the friendly atmosphere there. They greatly appreciate the chance to have a good meal brought to them, especially as, too often, they have to choose between food and expensive medication in order to live.
Each  meal delivered to the Holocaust survivors costs  ₪22.15 (£3.75, $6.09)
Take away lunches: Each weekday, students and their teachers come from the nearby Aleh Seach special needs school come to Ichlu Reim to “take away“ 60 hot lunches and, most recently, Ichlu Reim has been asked to provide 80 daily lunches to a youth at risk programme.
Grocery Packages: Five times a year, grocery packages, each containing about 13 items are handed out to local people in need,  including residents at a Na’amat womens’ refuge, Holocaust Survivors, unemployed people, and others.
Each grocery package costs about ₪130.03 (£22.00, $35.70)

Emergency Support: Ichlu Reim’s director ensures that in emergency situations immediate help is forthcoming including the provision of clothes and food as required.
toll free (Israel): 1.800.200.688
T: 011.972.502.2313
F: 011.972.502.2314
E: info@ichlureim.org